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Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back High Resolution Box Art
Game Info
Platforms Atari 2600 Nintendo Game Boy Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Franchise Star Wars
Released 1988-01-01
Players 1
Co-op No
Publisher Domark Ltd.
Developer Atari Games Corporation
Rating 0.00
Game information is provided in part by:, Giant Bomb, Steam
The arcade game from Atari Games based on the second Star Wars movie features four action sequences inspired by the film. The graphical style is similar to the first Star Wars game, using vector graphics with a first-person perspective. The first sequence takes place on the ice planet Hoth, where the player must destroy Imperial probe droids. The droids send transmissions to the Empire that can also be targeted and destroyed. Once enough transmissions have been sent, the Empire attacks. In the second sequence, the player has to fend off Imperial walkers, either by shooting a limited number of tow cables at their feet or by targeting a small area at their head with lasers. But sooner or later, the Rebel base's power generator will be destroyed and the evacuation begins. In the third sequence, the Millennium Falcon has to destroy TIE Fighters in space. In the fourth and final sequence, the Falcon must navigate through an asteroid field, avoiding collisions. Once the four sections have been completed, the game restarts at a higher difficulty level.

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