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Pokémon Diamond Version

Pokémon Diamond Version High Resolution Box Art
Game Info
Platforms Nintendo DS
Franchise Pokémon
Released 2006-09-28
ESRB E - Everyone
Players 4+
Co-op No
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Game Freak
Rating 7.50
Game information is provided in part by:, Giant Bomb, Steam
Pokémon Diamond Version introduce Trainers to a different land and many Pokémon to catch! Explore the lakes, forests, and mountains of the Sinnoh region, seeking out Pokémon such as the Bug-type Kricketot or the hard-headed Rock- and Steel-type Shieldon. And if you're lucky, you might bump into Legendary Pokémon Palkia or Dialga! There are more than 490 Pokémon in Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl. But be on the lookout for Team Galactic, a dastardly group that is trying to kidnap Pokémon.

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