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Pokémon Leaf Green

Pokémon Leaf Green High Resolution Box Art
Game Info
Platforms Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Franchise Pokémon
Released 2004-01-29
ESRB E - Everyone
Players 1
Co-op No
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Game Freak
Rating 6.75
Game information is provided in part by:, Giant Bomb, Steam
Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen take place mostly in the fictional region of Kanto. This is one distinct region of many in the Pokemon world, which includes varied geographical habitats for the Pokemon species, human-populated towns and cities, and routes between locations. Some areas are only accessible once the player acquires a special item or one of the player's Pokemon learns a special ability. Near the end of the plot, the protagonist is able to venture to the Sevii Islands, a new area not available in the original Red or Blue games. It consists of an archipelago of seven islands that contain Pokemon normally exclusive to the Johto region.

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