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Batman Begins

Batman Begins High Resolution Box Art
Game Info
Platforms Nintendo GameCube Microsoft Xbox Sony Playstation 2
Franchise Batman
Released 2005-06-14
ESRB T - Teen
Players 1
Co-op No
Publisher EA
Developer Eurocom
Rating 0.00
Game information is provided in part by:, Giant Bomb, Steam
In this adaptation of the film of the same name, the origins of the Batman legend are explored. Playing as both Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego, Batman, you will need to hunt evil forces in familiar locations such as Arkham asylum, Gotham City, but also in the Himalaya. Using both stealth and brutal skills, you take on enemies in true beat-em-up style. Batman has a vast array of moves, from kicks and punches to more exotic special moves. Multiple enemies can be attacked at once, and there are tricks to break through enemies' defenses. Also, certain attacks can only be used as a finishing move when opponents are weakened. Next to the melee combat, Batman carries his Bat Utility Belt with a Batgrapple to reach higher areas, the Batarang and gadgets such as smoke and flash grenades, a lockpick, camera hacker and an optical wire to peek from behind corners.

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