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Bionicle Heroes

Bionicle Heroes High Resolution Box Art
Game Info
Platforms Nintendo Wii Sony Playstation 2 Nintendo Game Boy Advance Nintendo GameCube
Released 2006-11-14
ESRB E10+ - Everyone 10+
Players 1
Co-op No
Publisher Eidos
Developer Traveller's Tales
Rating 0.00
Game information is provided in part by:, Giant Bomb, Steam
Bionicle Heroes is an action-shooter where the player takes on the role of the various Lego Bionicle Toa Inika - Jaller, Matoro, Hahli, Kongu, Hewkii, and Nuparu. These heroes wear Toa Masks of Power - powerups you can find throughout the levels to gain different elemental based abilities. You'll also find Bionicle cannisters to help aid your quest to defeat Vezon - the 7th Piraka who had stolen the Mask of Life. Gameplay centers around firefights against the alien "robots" called Vahki, Visorak and Borhok. Players will collect Lego pieces for every enemy you defeat, and eventually enable an invulnerable Hero Mode to help defeat the Toa's enemies.

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