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Life Is Strange is a graphic adventure, played from a third-person view.[1] Introducing the mechanic of rewinding time allows the player to go back and redo any action other than what is done past a checkpoint (however long a checkpoint lasts).[2] The choices made will alter and affect the story through short, mid or long-term consequences.[3] Dontnod creative director Jean-Maxime Moris added however that "for each one of your choices that you make there's no definite answer. Something good in the short-term might turn out worse later". Whenever a course of action poses an influence to the story, a butterfly symbol comes into view.[5] Dialogue exchanges can be rewound while branching options are used for conversation.[6][7] Once an event is reset, the details provided earlier are permitted to avail themselves in the future.[8] Items that are collected before time traveling will be kept in the inventory after the fact.[9] The player can also examine and interact with objects indicated by a system of hand drawn icons, which enables puzzle solving.
Game Info
Franchise: Life Is Strange
Released: 2015-01-30
ESRB: M - Mature
Players: 1
Publisher: Square Enix
Genres: Adventure

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